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Contact us you are interested in renting one of the many campers we have at Messner RV Rentals near Phoenix. You'll find outstanding prices on mobile home rentals, and our friendly staff is happy to discuss the specifics with you. Below is a brief guide to some of the conditions to expect when renting with us.

Our Terms & Conditions

A $500.00 security deposit is required, regardless of the duration of your rental, and all rentals must be for a minimum of three days. Please reserve your camper at least one week in advance. Personal checks with a guarantee card are accepted when reserving, but must be given at least 15 days in advance (three weeks in advance for out-of-state drivers). When picking up a motor home, however, no personal checks will be accepted. Upon returning, no cleaning charge will be assessed if the motor home is in the same condition as when it was rented out.